Touch screen user interface

Added by KalleP about 10 years ago

Just dreaming...

Does anyone have ideas on affordable and available touch screen interfaces that could be connected with CAN or I2C that have practical mounting arrangements.

Using an old smart phone is kind of cute but not really a production solution. Though having Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/G3 connectivity might make it an interesting use of a Symbian or Windows Mobile phone, they have been proposed as the core processor for micro satellites in the past.

While the laser application gets by with the 2x16 display other future uses of the main board for more complex CNC machines might like to have more coordinates displayed and multiple jogging functions on a user interface. Obviously there will be more coding required for making the UI pretty and so on but at the moment I'm wondering if there are suitable hobby scale displays out there.

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RE: Touch screen user interface - Added by pieterb about 10 years ago

Hi There
Using "old" phone might be quit difficult (unknown hardware/specs etc) but there are some cheap touch screen out there like

still it would be quite a lot of work

But still keep on dreaming :-)

RE: Touch screen user interface - Added by Daid about 10 years ago

I see an interesting possibilities here, those screens are cheaper then I expected.

I'm also involved in the 3D printing community, and those are currently using a 16x4 LCD with a rotary encoder. Which works pretty well, but doesn't look very fancy. So I would be very interested in making a general touch LCD solution that works for both 3D printing and laser-cutting.

Best of all, I might have time to do it. Depending on the priorities I get at Ultimaker.

RE: Touch screen user interface - Added by jaap about 10 years ago

Last week, during the Visicut workshop, we were talking about integrating an android device (with touchscreen). This could do all the stuff that is done in the driver + be a replacement for the current screen.