It works.

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The second laser cutter (the one on loan from Bart and used for all our testing on Saturday) is now working - without PWM for now:

The StepSticks are shown here for size - these were replaced by Pololu steppers, because I'm still not convinced they work all that well: the Pololu's are 40..50°C without heat sink, whereas the StepSticks are scorching hot - with heat sink.

I'll post pictures and details on the wiki when I have some time.

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great !!!
ik got my laoslaser working to :-)
with VisiCut on a mac without PWM and only paper for now
also with pololu's (as you know the StepStick's where making the steppers create strange noises, with the pololu they do not).
with the test firmware i did not see any movement in de x and y ,but i heard some sounds, so went ahead anyway and the laserhead started homeing right away
Some notes
- if you forget to turn the laser of, it will turn on right away in startup mode (ieks)
- have no qlue how to use the move option on the lcd menu (it starts moving but does not stop,witch result in banning its head against the wall (not nice)
- is there a description for this menu ?
- small papers that get cut out will be blown away so keep track of them.

I used James his notes as a guid and that worked oke.

O pic or it did not happen ;-)

First Cut

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