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Added by leenvw over 10 years ago

Hi all,

What materials did you all tested? I tried to work wit the settings that has been sent around earlier. However, with maximum power I did cut carton. Acryl and MDF was impossible. Like to hear your results.

Tried to raise the laser power by lowering the speed. That works well. Lwering from 50 to 10 mm/sec resulted in a nice cut in 2 mm acryl. However, for this, I neede to change the config file.

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RE: laser power - Added by pieterb over 10 years ago

Hi Leen,

Did try mdf (4mm) en plywood (5 mm) .
What i do from visicut is check the "Edit Settings before Executing" then you can change the speed setting (100 is max) so for mdf 4 mm i have it set to 16 and the power to 95 (manualy) we still have to figure out how to connect that to the machine.
For plywood 5mm alsmost the same settings (speeds 16 power 90)

It should also be posible to add new materials (with there own settings per material)

See screenshot

RE: laser power - Added by bartb over 10 years ago

Hi Pieter

For how to add new materials and their settings, have a look in this wiki under Visicut -> Recipe.
You can give a material different settings for cut, mark, engrave etc.

[I put it there just before we went on holiday, had no time to try it; I will change 'Recipe' to 'Adding a Material']