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I recently ended up adding some stuff to the issue-queues of the respective GitHub repositories (
I did not remember, you are also using redmine, so this could be a problem since issues/bugs could be forgotten or duplicated.
I personally like the GitHub version more, because it's well integrated with the code (e.g. references from commit messages) and supports pull-requests. But I also understand the advantages of self-hosted solutions.
So what is you preference? Should bugs/issues/pull-requests be discussed here or on GitHub? Maybe we should make this information obvious by either disableing the GitHub issues or make an info-box on the redmine page?


#1 Updated by peter over 9 years ago

Github will be used for new issues.
Redmine issues will be phased out

#2 Updated by KalleP over 9 years ago


Don't know how GitHub works yet, going to try figure it out some day.

LAOS moved to RedMine to integrate the wiki and tracker away from the better known MediaWiki platform, now that the need for RedMine is gone is the wiki going to move back to MediaWiki?

#3 Updated by peter over 9 years ago

Redmine is OK as a forum and wiki.
Integration of forum and bug-tracker is nice, but integration with the actual code is not
so great. Github provides better issue/code integration.
User-interface is somewhat more modern.

I do see the downside of yet another platform (another login, another user interface etc.) but most
developers are on github already.

But we will keep Redmine as a wiki and forum for all developers and users.

#5 Updated by peteruithoven over 8 years ago

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