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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
59LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalEngraving image does not obey power settingspeter2012-12-29 16:41firmware
58LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalIncorrect line/move commands during engravingpeter2014-08-17 20:39firmware
68LAOS LaserBugClosedHighPololu Ground problem on Rev 4 boardsjaap2014-08-17 20:45Mainboard
51LAOS LaserBugClosedNormal3V3 or 5V for Pololu VDD connection?jaap2012-10-01 09:40Mainboard
49LAOS LaserFeatureClosedNormal3v3 for LPCExpressopeter2012-11-24 15:54Mainboard
31LAOS LaserFeatureClosedNormalMBED and Pololu's can be fitted the wrong way around (and get damaged) - add silkscreen to help people avoid this jaap2012-11-24 15:57Mainboard
30LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalLaser PWM is now on Exhaust out. Fix that. jaap2012-11-24 16:00Mainboard
29LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalResistor R33 has value 100R instead of 1K in schema Rev3. jaap2012-11-24 16:00Mainboard
28LAOS LaserBugClosedNormal Text laser on/laser enable is unreadable if R7/R8 are placedjaap2012-11-24 15:58Mainboard
26LAOS LaserFeatureClosedNormalSchematic cleanupjaap2014-08-17 20:45Mainboard
12LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalpstoedit: Large curves2014-08-17 17:55pstoedit
10LAOS LaserFeatureClosedNormalpstoedit: Backlash compensation2014-08-17 17:56pstoedit
9LAOS LaserFeatureClosedNormalpstoedit: Code cleanup2012-11-24 16:05pstoedit
8LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalpstoedit: Cutting/Marking in configfile2012-11-24 16:15pstoedit
7LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalpstoedit: Windows and Mac compilation of pstoedit2014-08-17 17:56pstoedit
6LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalpstoedit: replace imagemagick with libpng2012-11-24 16:04pstoedit
17LAOS LaserBugClosedNormalVisicut Documentation: YMax definition problem2012-12-31 11:59Visicut

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